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So is this dropped on android? Or did this become a patreons only game?

From what i gathered it is Patreon only. You get about two hrs of content. With this version. 


So. I'm guessing you can only move forward in this game is to pay a monthly fee on Patreon.  Wish devs would stop doing this. Just sell the game. I have over 200 visual novels in my collection. This one let me down. IMO don't waste your time.


they consider supporting them dumbass nothing is ever going to be free with the amount of time and effort put into making the game


I think you misunderstood the comment, he said that it would be better if the dev just SELL the game meaning they would still get money/support but it would just be a one time thing unlike the monthly payment.

I think you should consider learning how to read.... And write..... And spell. I wouldn't suggest a Developer give away their work free. That's why it says "sell". But a lot of VN devs have gone to the Patreon members only.  I think one would make more money just selling the game. If your going to call someone a dumbass. Maybe don't look like an illiterate dumbass in the comments.

Do you have simplified?





there is breast expansion in this game?


I'm in a cult with eve. Can you tell me the password of a door (in the dark rooms)


i don't know why he's not posting in itch but guys check the patreon!

it's still going on?


in Patreon its still going

Good to know.  I deleted it because I assumed it was dead due to the lack of updates. 

But there was no update in the last 3-4 months too?

thanks for this ... i was just thinking this is a damned shame this game was abandoned.  Hope they keep on updating. 

same thing bro same thing, i want this game to be completed

The Dev has changed game engine and changed models and animations too. I think they were saying they planned to release everything they had made for this version but afterwards it was getting a complete overhaul.


Was this project abandoned? It hasn't been updated since 2021. (Not mad but curious)


while he survived Covid19, 20 and 21, Covid22 finally got him


0810 but it doesn't work not sure why

is this a visual novel?

It says Visual Novel in the genre tag.

Thank you

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Big bro is there Victoria scene?

My game gives an error and closes after I buy the medicine for Beatriz, how can I solve it?
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bro cant even update the game right  

bro cant even word righ


So is it dropped in

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ur 0.7 is not in the download file it still saying 0.6 pls update the game

no u

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why you mad?




Why the developer haven't updated here anymore :(


Cause we payed him enough on patreon. Its always the same. Actualy he said there will be an Update on January  and February. We still wait for the 1st one. XD 


V0.9.5 is on F95, I would post the link but itch wont let me, who the fuck wants to pay for porn am I right?


Personally don't mind buying it once, don't make enough to support everyone on patreon. Especially for games that don't update much

I hope this is sarcasm because it made me laugh. I wish I could pay all the indie developers I follow.

I wish I was being sarcastic But I’m not lying when I say it is indeed on F95. But I do agree that even if you pirate something and you enjoy it you should Always make sure to give a donation or a Purchase to help the developer, because lets be honest, If you pirate something you like and never give the dev any love then your just scum at that point.

Deleted 55 days ago

Still was an enjoyable time playing at least for me 


I'm not sure if my info is accurate, but from what I saw on different forums, this game might have been dropped/abandoned.

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quick update, i got this info from f95zone, where the game was flagged as abandoned as well as the latest talk about abandoned on September 2022. But I see many other 3rd party website saying they have the latest update of 0.8.0 or 0.9.5.


I think is still being updated on patreon

how do i get more AP for the scumflix fondling scene

For anyone wondering if this game is dead it's alive on patreon and you just use joiplay for android 




Aight, imma be a bro, if anyone is stuck feeding sophia 250 clams, you have to go to her room when she leaves and look through her 1000 clams...gone....

na frente da igreja tem um chaveiro ok

a senha do computador da maeva e big breasts a segunda e 1210 então receberá o código da porta ok

Senha do computador da maeva é 1210


Not sure if dev still read comments here, but:

- I delayed Sage quest a lot and got some plot errors, like Mia being on the coffee shop when her Quest "ended" already, got some flashbacks on the club mission (the one with the coins guys) from what happened on the streets in Sage Quest and something the MC talk about Sage too.

anyone else realize that the case of Spear of Longius is somehow almost the same to a case in Detective Conan?

I can't download it, every time I enter the link it keeps loading infinitely.


Is there no updates for Android on patreon?

whats the song playing at during the bike ride with sage? (the part where mc is driving and goes no hands)


its called "game is abandoned"

it isnt? the creator is still updating it on their patreon

how do i start sophia's quest?


this game is dead?


no, it's alive and well. dev has come back and has updated the game since. patreon focus. if i were you i'd definitely hop on there. moolah milk deserves the support anyways 


you mean that moolah milk has a further progressed game on patreon

yes as of now it is at v.0.9.5


Nope its not dead and it's already V0.9.5

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It has some history but the dev is back onto it and released an update in Dec.

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