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meme scream within the first 10 minutes lmfao nice


Cant get it to download, the file seems too big 4 mega and leads to an error

In my version Deviant Anomalies (v0.8.5 part 1 ) has a big bug with Catherine, when she went to MC house, after I helped Sophia with her studies. Scenes are repeating but not finish. I must her again and again f...


I can't see the menu buttons so I can save my progress does anyone knows how to fix it?

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Swipe down on the left screen of your phone

when's the next update im so hyped 

i got stuck on a part early on where after you bust the green haired girl and then go to her mom, it gets stuck right before the sex


BDSM (Sub/Dom, Optional)

uhhhhh no its not there was an entire scene i wanted to skip but couldnt 

I'm having a hard time downloading the game. I've tried everything and it either doesn't download or just stops at 99% any advice?

I use a vpn, it helps with the downloading

Love the Detective aspect of this game, though Id like to be able to finish the Chruch. Clifhangers are a bonerkiller Dx. On that note, do you know when vr7 will be made available? it was annaounced as done about 100 days ago at this point.

Also, I got a stat boost from fixing a photo, are there more things like that? if so where? if not are there plans for more?

Version 0.6 impressions: Story so far 9/10 Gamplay 8/10 Potencial 10/10

The only other stat boost that I personally found was during the church investigation. When you begin exploring, there's a cat in the courtyard that you can click that gives a stat boost as well.

Ty, I went and found him. do you know if its being counted though? I checked the phone and it does not appear to be adding up.

Don't know, I never checked if it counted or not.

Oh, and btw, Version 0.8.5 is now available on patreon. Went through a small rework a little while back where the layout of the house was modified and a few of the rooms were changed. Specifically, the bathroom is no longer a doorway in the kitchen, the kitchen has a new map that is vastly different from the old one, and the living room received a new map.

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where to find the third Delilah question? :|

Agreed!  I think that's holding me back.

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As far as I remember, you have to talk to computer guy at evening. 


Are there download links for any other platforms? Mediafire for instance? Mega's free download limitations are BS

where is the 0.7 update thats out 93 days ago drop a link

is there a walkthrough ?

Hi, the game is mind blowing.

When will the next update be?

I don't get it. You say 0.7 came out 92 days ago, but when I go to download page it only says 0.6.1?! So what am I spending my money on? An out of date game?!

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the game is up  to date but only on his patron. he just update it to 0.8 last time i checked

Well why say 0.7 on the purchase page on Itch? Is it a shell game?!!!

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0.8 is still in beta. but yea if you want a more update game have to be on patron. that or wait till next year maybe then they will update the free download. but from what i seen he has a good vision for the game.

I hope this helped sorry I don't have any more info

Thanks, Sir. You are a champ!

hi i can't download this one due to 3rd party stuff... how does one get this ?

How come Mac and pc get 0.6.1but Android only gets 0.5.5? 

Hello, please help me, I enter the password in the basement in the church 72134165 and it tells me that this is the wrong password, what did I do wrong?

In the second case, I had found all the evidence and completed all the conversations. But I still can't pass. What should I do next?

When will the next update come out? Or for the moment it will remain in 0.7.6?

Ojala no fuera por mega, seria bueno que se pudiese descargar por mediafire o algo ya que por mega hay que comprar megas y no hay money :'v

is this detroit

How to increase beateice intimacy, liberation???? Anyone

Is it possible we can make Chanel like the MC over time?

Why does game claim to be windows-only (in download section) when its clearly RenPy-based, and has linux-specific files included? Just tried to launch it and it works fine on my ubuntu linux.

Glitch I found in the  Chanel questline. In the fight scene it asks you to press a sequences of letters (WMU for example) but on Android there is no way to do it and I get my ass kicked.

What triggers Chanel to call you about Ryan? I've passed several days in bringing up Mia and Sophie's affection/submission and working on online cases. So I'm starting to assume I need to something else other than passing time. Yes I've bought the sunglasses and mask already.

Wait a few more days, I've been building my wallet until she decide to call me

Yeah, same here. But also I figure out you have to complete the first Chanel (bartender) side quest. That triggers Chanel to call you about Ryan. But either way I have a sh** ton of money now. :D lol

Hi, is there actually pregnancy in this realease ?

hey its been a while since a played but i got stuck on the part where you gather and set up thing for a photo shoot or something but it says the update ends here and now i cant go anywhere else is there any way out of there or?

When will new update will drop on Android

when is the next update?

What did I miss?

What should I do next?


interrogate miriam, observe the neck. if this is already after claim the gardner; otherwise might still need to interrogate them to find the inconsistency between each talk, if is the case, check each one of them with talk option;

if you not done it already;

Hey what about Moon side Quest  

What is the pattern to Beatrice, i have been here for the past 2 months

Sophie gives the same excuse for not studying and wants 250$ twice. This must be a bug.

She wants 50$ for books, then 150$ for supplies for science and her biology book, then 250$ for biology book because it suddenly increased in price. But the next time I talk to her she wants 250$ for her biology book again.

You need to get a key cut for her room (exterior church). And search her bag to find out she already has the book.

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oh wow, i just noticed something, and it blew my mind ...
the house MC lives in is the same graphic model as the house from the "House Party" game by Eek! Games. 
it took me a bit to understand why the tv looked familiar with the music-player icons oin the screen, then i realised a was used to walking around this house in 3D.
there are a few small differences of layout, such as Mia's bedroom is in the  art room, and the downstairs bathroom being in the houseparty garage.
once you see it you cant unsee it..
Frank sitting in what is now the dining room, but now there less booze and more plates in the cupboard there. the fireplace was is where the houseparty dancefloor is, except theres no dancing topless girl there.
and instead of a wild snake getting around the house, theres a wild penis-spider-facehugger-demon thing.

Should i give the usb to moe?

No. Protect your baby sist...I mean childhood friend...

I played the PC version and I really love this game, can't wait for next update! They're many things that I'm waiting for in this game 

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