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The Most Deviant Community Ever



A mysterious snowstorm engulfs the city and changes your life forever.

 Ever since the bizarre snowstorm, reports of supernatural occurrences begin to surface and crime rates are rising at an exponential level. Netherhelm is in chaos

YOU, fresh out of college and armed with a fancy degree in Criminal Psychology, decide to join law enforcement as a rookie detective.

With a deep seated obsession to unravel the mysteries of the snowstorm, you solve case after case as you trudge along the strings of fate towards your final destiny.

Solve baffling cases, recruit Supernatural Anomalies into your team and help them control their newfound powers. The more uninhibited their minds are, the more their powers grow.
Will you train these beautiful women with trust and respect? Or will you break their minds through sheer depravity and corruption?
Will you build a team of based on the foundations of friendship and love? Or will you create a harem of cock-worshipping slaves who submit to your every whim and desire?

Either way, you are in a race against time. You better be ready, for The Watchmaker is coming.

High quality renders with fully animated lewd scenes and immersive gameplay. The best is yet to come.



Love/Slave Routes

Harem (10+ Multiple Women)




BDSM (Sub/Dom, Optional)







HAREM TRAINER -  Collect girls in your personal harem and train them through Love Routes/ Slave Routes to increase their powers.  As their depravity and corruption increases, their behaviors towards you will change. Start changing clothes, give them pet names or impregnate the women in your harem as you increase their levels. 

MYSTERY STORYLINEUnravel the mysteries of the snowstorm and find out the truth about the city and yourself. A story focused experience where choices matter and is designed for an immersive experience. 

DETECTIVE CASE SOLVING MECHANICS - Solve baffling cases with your powers of deduction. Find clues, interrogate suspects and decipher the mystery. Earn cash and progress the storyline by completing quests and missions! 


The android port for the game is still under-development and testing. You can download it to try and the game runs just fine but it is a work in progress. We are still looking at options to tweak it to make it better.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Android
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(964 total ratings)
AuthorMoolah Milk
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Dating Sim, Eroge, Erotic, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few seconds
LinksPatreon, Community


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Deviant Anomalies [v0.6.10] PC
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Deviant Anomalies [v0.5.5] ANDROID

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Game crashed when moon tried to call mia when ryan is fetching mia, Im on pc version, i can provide the traceback log if you want. How do i fix this? Thanks in advanced

Can you add more options for download? Somehow my phone can't run mega

When Is there a new update for android?


Hello, the Discord link is broken, is there anywhere a walkthrough for version 0.4 or 0.5 ?

There are videos within youtube that provide some guidance and not restricted since they blurred out the nudity parts


Hello, thank you, yes I saw that but they are usually 1 to 2 hours long, and usually I just search one detail like how to get full score in the nun investigation, so that's a bummer. Anyone would have the current Discord server link ? The one in description doesn't work.


Not sure if this has been asked before but what 3d modeling software did you use to make this game?

I want to say its Daz 3d software from the looks of the models maybe some blender work aswell but strong hunch its Daz 3d


So basically the game either took some really hard work (if its blender) or it took some really hard work and a couple hundred dollars (if its Daz). Either way ive gotta appreciate the effort that went into it.


When are we going to get the 0.9 release to public? Additionally, any news on the 1.0 finale timeline.


From my understanding people are saying the Developer essentially went AWOL or something, a few people claim to have heard from him but nothing official.


There's posts about it on another website, the dev had a huge burnout and stopped developing for it for a while as they also didn't like the direction the game was going. They have started development again now.
Its all been official as its stuff thats been posted on Moolah's discord by Moolah themselves.

From my understanding with what they said on discord is they are going to speedrun season 1 to finish that part and then put in full effort in season 2 to change the game back to what they envisioned it to be.
Then if posting less frequent but larger updates the way they want to doesn't work, they will just change back to posting more frequent updates with less effort put into them


However we will see if its true of if they will turn into another ICSTOR.


Ah, thank you for updating us, also that's good to hear the Dev is back, I've really enjoyed the story and characters so far so I'm glad we may be getting more content soon.


A detective noir AVN with a twisted sense of humour? Say no more, son, I'm in!

Really well done, visually, story-wise, characters... just right now so many of storylines makes me wonder wtf is going on and can't wait for more updates. Excellent work Moolahmilk

Does anyone know why this appears in several games, is it an error on my phone?

Hmm, had a similar issue but only with this game, and on pc (so not an issue with your phone I'm guessing). On PC at the bottom there was always an additional option "reload" which always helped and allowed me to continue. Still curious, if you figure it out, lemme know what was the issue..


Thanks for the information, my brother, I hope he finds a solution on my phone.

BTW (Personal message), if you really want to start in this business as you mention below, I might be interested to cooperate in terms of writing (no programming or rendering, not my strong suit), dialogues, characters etc. I've had my share of experiences with ladies and I'm told I'm empathetic and do have a way with words (by women and ex-girlfriends naturally), so working or helping with that I would be up for. Sounds like fun to me..

Would have DMed you, but doesn't seem to be a way to do that here (or I'm just too f*king old for this s*it). If you are genuinely interested to give it a shot, and need/want someone for this, gimme some contact (no social media please, email or discord works). Either way, good luck, hope you will create another AVN I can praise here :)

You can fix it by using the back button, but it means the renplay code for that section isn't finished and game needs an update. 

Would someone be so kind as to tell me where they make the games? I want to start in this business but I'm very new



How to level up Shopia's, does anyone know?

Not out yet


Pls update the android version


Will the developer update the game here ?? If yes then when?

not sure when they are going to release an update, been a bit quiet on the discord server of late

but this is where it will be if/when it is update

The game has been updated other places, but not here. The version I currently have installed is, so updates here might not happen for quite a while.

Playing on Android, how can I get to the menu while I am playing I can't seem to find it

(3 edits) (+1)

I dont really comment usually, but I think this game is good, but there are a lot of things that broke during the game. Not sure if those things are known already but if everyone thinks that noone comments about it, so I'll just leave my experience with issues here.

There were many moments in the game where I got a scene triggered by an event that hasnt happened yet. Like the MC listening in on the nuns over the bloodstream radio thing BEFORE I even did anything to use that.

In the Maeve scene when you click the option to not masturbate the char does it anyway at the end and not in a way that seems intended.

Now I got a long scene after hanging with Sage at the sanctuary about an autumn hes apparently been visiting but she was never mentioned before? And the scene went on to be super weird cause I probably lacked context and then I was suddenly at home again.

You only exchange numbers with Chanel after clearing her request, but you already ask her to call you when she sees Ryan BEFORE you clear the request even though she clearly cant call you.

When you choose to not give Moe the video of Mia and then later make up with him he still greets you as scammer whenever you talk to him.

I feel like the longer I play the game the more it breaks because I didnt do things in the order the creator of the game did it in and events arent properly triggered by actually doing the event that triggers it.

At this point I am unsure if I should continue cause I really dont want to destroy my playthrough experience, cause I do think this game is good.

But that last scene with Autumn and the flashback was so weird and out of nowhere I was just confused and thinking "is this a dream? Where will this be going?" and nothing made sense and then I am just in the house. It feels wrong.

As another thing I really wish there was an explanation in game what the stats do, not just Strenght, Charisma, Intelligence but Karma, Depravity etc.

Also why do you get Submissionn -1 when you visit Catherine and do the submission action? Shouldnt it be +1?

(Btw none of the downloads on this site are for 0.85, I got it from another site. Maybe thats why its broken, but the version isnt downloadable here, you only get 0.7)


your game has reminded me i need to go back and watch more detective conan, thank you

Is it really inevitable that you got failed score in spear of longinus?

i think (in my opinion) that the 'quest' is'nt finished quite yet, i feel its been left on a sort of cliffhanger and hope it will get more attention


Is the author still updating this game? its gone pretty silent sadly :(

It's still being worked on, currently on 0.8.5, just hasn't been updated on itch in ages.


where else is it being updated

(1 edit)

this is the other site i have found the game on 


(2 edits)

You sure ? the link doesn't work, like the page was deleted

(edit) i can't go on the main site at all, i think they didn't paid this month :o

(re edit) the links work now ! thanks bud  ;)

One update per year.... hooray!


wrong, its actually got good amounts of updates, just not on itchio

Where so ?

I can't continue the case of the nuns I finished the clues and confront two tersea and Dalilah any help

Anyone know karma point is used for what

I need help, my firewall keeps blocking Mega. Several people suggested this game, so I really want to give this game a chance. Can someone convince the creator to add a MediaFire download port or something.

소피아에 연구 질문에 대한 답을 말해 줄 수 있습니까? (모두)

what phone do y'all use??

(1 edit)

내 욕실 열쇠가 어디 있는지 아십니까?


Brother if u have money hire voice actors man you set up the tone at the beginning so good but that fucking screaming meme at the bathtub scene removed my immersion it just made it funny


Fuck you NTR lovers.

When do you plan to update the android version

Plss help me how to fix crashes when i play it on my android

Probably means your phone is outdated.

Why the game is crashes when i play it and start back to home screen


I was feeling to try out this avn,seen no NTR tag and got excited and then a preview of a cute girl getting raped by some sort of,alien i guess came up and passed this shit.


Oh, you're missing out on a gem here. There is no rape at all. The alien spider was attacking to kill her not rape her and in the end, it was attacked by the player exactly at the moment of the preview screenshot above.


wait so that Alien like thing is killing a girl by what? his cock? And what's he's using to kill her exactly? That green poison coming  from that thing?gross scene, if it is this type of avn with monster cocks and rape scenes,sorry bud thats a total no,i don't get on by seeing a schoolgirl getting raped by a tentacle monster that's dumb asians thing.


It's not a rape scene, its a "kill the monster attacking the girl" scene. It's an interesting story point with a rather odd turn of events afterwards. So far, that is the only scene with imagery like that as well, so no worries as of right now about seeing more content like that.

(1 edit) (-8)

You lier,why would you lie to me? Why say something like that?you could have said that this avn isnt for my taste but you go out of your way to lie to me,i was happy after reading your comment and try it myself.

Most horrible experience,it's too much dark for my taste,i ain't criticizing dev for this,but oh my gosh it almost give me nightmare,and theme is also so creepy,and character are like some sort of pyschopaths,this all is nothing too bad but just awful for me.

But you lie to me about that scene,not only just that girl(MC's sister) get raped by that weirdo spider alien but also is pregnant,and that's where I put end of line,it's not NTR since that outright rape,but still something nobody would like to see,i deleted this crap immediately,you shouldn't have lied to me.

Not only she is raped but now pregnant with some alien child,this is too much I'm never trusting anyone's words from now on.


Not only was she NOT raped, but if you had actually gone through her story after that, you would have learned that she is NOT pregnant, just has some of the symptoms of pregnancy. Jumping to conclusions like that is going to cause you no end of grief in life, and you should learn to actually check facts before claiming that someone is lying.

bro nobody lied are you mental?


Alrightly then - racism it is.


hehehe maybe a bit of racism,but for sure that alien monster tentacles fucking school girls is Japanese and Koreans thing mostly.

(2 edits)

The girl doesn't get raped, dude.  Averted by the main character who heroically saves the day.

SPOILER  The girl in question gets some weird alien juice on her that causes her body to THINK it's going through stages of pregnancy, but thankfully the actual impregnation was stopped.  She basically just has to go through the simulated effects of pregnancy like morning sickness, cravings, irritability, engorged breasts, distended belly, etc.

Basically the substance caused her body to prepare itself for the embryo that never got implanted.

P.S.  NTR, or Netorare, doesn't mean rape.  It means cheating or infidelity.  I see SO many people get that wrong.

Crashes as soon as you touch anything on the gamepad.

I love this game but the fight against Skinny is kinda annoying if u skip you lose to 100% I hope you adapt this someday :)

Anyways I love your game  (:

I cant win against Skinny in the bar bc I'm on android can I  use a app or something for a keyboard?

Bro theres a snake in the church underground what do i dooo


Is this project abandoned?

nope he just didnt uptade the itch page you can find the 0.7 on patreon and i think there gonna be the 0.8 or the end of chapter 1 this december.

There is a version 0.8.5 available on F95zone right now. It's a non-authorized upload though, so there's that.

I'm having trouble with Mia she's in the lab feeling sick and throwing up and I have no clue how to help her next she's sulking and wants a slurpee so I get her one it then tells me to come back later so I do that but when I get back k she's sulking again am I doing something wrong 


Why can't there be tauren when there are slave routes

I'm stuck on a task with a drinks machine. Please tell me in what order it is necessary to press. I'm clicking on the drinks from the history, but after the coin writes that it is not correct.


so i have to ask and plz know am not trying to be rude here just asking is all to my understanding Moolah Milk made the game right?? i pid full price for it and its a good game to me or i think so ^^ Any Ways my point is over here on this site itch.io to my understanding i could be wrong i not sure >_> BUT we get the Deviant Anomalies 0.6 Right?? ok and ang i pay for it Good Game However on dikgames.com  you get Deviant Anomalies [v0.8.5 Part 1] Plus you get it (FREE) No Joke 100% legit FREE as for its info it reads it say 


1- Extract and run.

Developer: MoolahMilk

Censored: No

Version: v0.8.5 Part 1

Language: English

Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Incest, Corruption, Harem, Trainer, Superpowers, BDSM, Ahegao, Paranormal, Masturbation, Male Domination, Foot Fetish, Voyeurism, Teasing, Virgin, Female Domination (Planned: Pregnancy.) so i have to ask is this Really the same game from the same guy or girl? or is there same  other one at play? or is it just how the website is not the same??  like say Facebook and my space or same thing like same game same game maker just def site means def how  you can get it right? >_< sry am just confuse is all way am asking it is same game right?? i mean read the same and i just now down lode it so not got to test it but it even look the same plus it name read the same as to one  on here so :? it the web site it self right? T_T if so i wish i had know could have save same money Lol but it all good no Harm no foul cant blame the one who  made its just the site that is if it is the site >< ang i dont know way am asking

Yes this is the same game. Someone must have released it one pirated sites illegally. You should directly contact moolah milk if you feel like you are scammed.

yeah thats why its always better to pay on patreon because you know most things that other people dont so yeah but dont put that here youre gonna get take down LOL

It's the same game, the dev just hasn't seen fit to update the version here on itch. The 0.8.5 part 1 version is also posted on F95zone, but it's an unauthorized upload.

Oh ok sry i did not know any ways think you guy for your help sry sry on let replay but yea Ty ^_^ am just your ever day gamer who love trying new game but get easy last in her onw lil world XD But Ty for helping me understand it batter ^^ any who not try this i say its FUN ^_^ 10/10 you got to try it ^^

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